Software Engineer in California
Hello World, my name is Florent 🇫🇷



Since 2011, I've been learning iOS programming, designing apps : one on the App Store! Objective-C, Swift and watchOS... in love with Apple's technologies! I've also learnt how to use the debugger.


First I think about the architecture and then code my API. I've already used Play Framework and Scala to develop a REST API. I also used NodeJS to design a REST API using websocket for a robot, Flask in Python, Go Lang and Sinatra in Ruby.


I am a macOS user and I am comfortable with the terminal and the UNIX architecture. I've worked with a Raspberry-Pi for several projects and I've deployed several REST API on a Debian server. My new hobbie is to #Dockerize 🐳.






Mongo DB


Go Lang




Deep Learning

Personal Projects



#iOS #golang #app #angularJS



#iOS #OpenCV #TensorFlow #MachineLearning

Tetris Project

Tetris AI

#AI #Crossentropy #GeneticAlgorithm #Python

MyDoors Project


#iOS #NodeJS #HomeAutomation #GitHub

iReboot Project


#Electronics #iOS #NodeJS #GitHub

PicSearch Project


#iOS #iMessageExtension #Swift #app

Insalade Project


#iOS #REST #Scala #Play!

SolarDB Project


#MongoDB #iOS #Swift

Quadcopter Project


#Electronics #Modelism


  • IUT Nantes


    Two-year diploma in Computer Science (DUT Informatique)

    I started studying computer science at Nantes University Institute of Technology, Nantes (France). I learnt basic IT stuff, realized projects like AirPi. Aim of the project : stream video and music from iOS and Android devices to a Raspberry-Pi app.

  • WhoWanna

    April - June 2014

    Software Developer Intern at Who Wanna

    At the end of my DUT, I did an intership at WhoWanna as an iOS and Back-End developer. I was working in an open space with other start-ups. My role was to develop a new version of the application (front and back-end). I was working directly with the UI designer. Great experience!

  • INSA Rennes

    September 2014

    Engineering school

    After graduating from Nantes IUT (valedictorian) I've started an engineering degree at INSA Rennes. During the first year I did some projects (extracurricular) and joined the Ouest INSA Junior-Entreprise association to get to know the world of entrepreneurship even better.

  • Niji

    June-August 2015

    Software Engineer Intern at Niji

    At the end of my first year at INSA Rennes, I did an internship at Niji (Software Development). As an iOS developer, I took part in various projects and also discovered WatchKit. I wrote a little documentation about the new features of watchOS 2 and iOS 9 in the aftermath of Apple's Keynote #WWDC15

  • Niji

    January-May 2016

    International Student at University of Ottawa

    I studied for one semester at the University of Ottawa, ON, Canada. I had the chance to take part in a project during 4 months. Here I discovered the Canadian culture and hobbies such as beaver tails or Poutine. Now I love poutine...

  • Niji

    May-August 2016

    Software Engineer Intern at Apple

    I interned at Apple last summer :) It was super awesome!

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Hello I am Florent 🇫🇷

I am a French software engineer totally into backend, mobile development, challenging projects and handsome user interfaces. I enjoy thinking a lot before starting something, so that the job can be done the best possible way.

I am also passionate about Sports and Music. I play the guitar and played in a band (we recorded songs in a studio). On my free time and when I travel, I love creating video of my trip or my projects. You can find some of my videos on my YouTube channel.

Feel free to contact me and do not hesitate to download my resume here.

Or you can directly write at